The colorful the better

Knitting with handspun is a truly gratifying experience.

This cowl was inspired by the “Totally biased” pattern. I used a Mixed Bluefaced Leicester handspun.

Modifications: my version does not have purl rows. I followed this “recipe” until all the yarn was used up:

  • cast on 40 stitches for handspun sport to aran weight
  • row 1: k1, k1fb, k to last there stitches, k2tog, k1
  • row 2: k2, p36, k2
  • finish with a three needle bind off

11 thoughts on “The colorful the better”

  1. It is lovely, and I always love to hear about people knitting with handspun! I wonder if you forgot a k2tog at the end of the first row of your recipe? It seems as if this version would just expand forever.


  2. Thanks you for your kind words and pattern note; I've edited my post and even tried to give you credit. Do you spin? Let me know where can I check out your creations :=)


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