Spinning Detour

My first try at spinning was with a drop spindle. I quickly moved onto spinning wheels.

Lately, I have been logging decent hours on spindle spinning.

Some of the first small batch of yarn was put to good use with this Rebecca Danger mini monster. Despite it’s small size, it was not fiddly to knit.

Body, eyes and wonky smile: Handspun yarn
Feet: O-Wool Legacy DK

Turtle Made Turkish Spindle

For less than $20 USD you can get a customized Turkish spindle. Check out the Etsy store, if any, for the happy colors of the spindles.


6 thoughts on “Spinning Detour”

  1. I've been enjoying my spindle but I keep going back to the wheel because I can finish so much faster. I'm glad you got to give yours some love and that monster looks adorable. I'm going to make Christmas tree decorations with my samples.


  2. Would love to go to Canada and show you the little I know about spindling. All I ask is that you take me to David's Tea. And perhaps your LYS 🙂 Have a great weekend, Christine!


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