I am the proud mama of twin…socks! They are fraternal. It wasn’t planned. Is what happens when one buy too much yarn. But, who am I to judge?

The first pair was knit with Regia 4 ply in color 7200 Moewe.

The yarn for the second pair is Opal. Unfortunately I cannot find the ball band to list the color here 😦

Both pair of socks softened when blocked. They fit wonderfully! I guess one cannot go wrong with either Regia or Opal – both workhorse yarns with fun (similar) colors.


4 thoughts on “Twins!”

  1. Agreed. I was feeling all proud of myself when I knit down all my Opal yarn. Then I had panicked feelings that I didn't have any more Opal yarn in my stash. That's a problem that has since been remedied.


  2. Thanks Maryse! Get some Regia and/or Opal if you can…yarn is not as soft when you knit but it feels much nicer when washed. And the colors are fun, in my opinion. Have a wonderful week.


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