Fully Finished & Happily Displayed

Thanks to countless hours watching FlossTubes (YouTube cross stitching podcasts), I have learned that cross stitchers call a project “finished” when they are done with the stitching and “fully finished” when they project is framed, sewn into a pillow, etc. With this project, I found both stages equally satisfying as I practiced relatively new to me skills such as backstitching, lacing and framing.

The details…

  • Pattern: “Lazy Days” by Durene Jones, published in Cross Stitcher magazine May 2021
  • Stitch count: 89 high x 60 wide
  • Thread: DMC (22 colors)
  • Fabric: white Aida 18 count
  • Pre framing: project was laced on the back. Sides were secured with 5/8 in. (16mm) bead pins
  • Frame: 8×6 in. hand painted with a mix of teal blue and yellow acrylic paint. Finished it with an antique wax.

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