Four percent = two pair of socks

Amazon, thanks for showing me “52 Weeks of Socks” at a discounted price. Sure, this Laine Publishing book could help with my goal of reducing stashed yarn. Sold!


This book has 256 pages; 52 patterns by 46 worldwide designers. The photography is lovely as is the quality of the paper.

While beautiful and inspiring, “52 Weeks of Socks” is a pattern binder. It does not read as a cohesive collection. It misses the mark in terms of standardization and clarity. For example, the same toe decrease is presented and worded differently from pattern to pattern. There are extensive errata: 20 of the 52 patterns have corrections. The errata are widely disclosed and available at the publisher’s website.

Finished objects

I completed two pairs of socks with stashed yarn so far. That is a whopping four percent of the total patterns of the book. I enjoyed knitting them; the socks flew off my needles. Keeping track of charts, and learning new stitches and techniques appeals to me. I love the challenge of working on non-basic socks!


I should have enough yarn to knit a fair number of patterns from this book. I will blog about WIPs and FOs in another post. Stay tuned!

PS: Laine Publishing just released “52 Weeks of Socks, Volume II”.


Dahlia, the Blue Faced Leicester fiber

Back in December 2020, I gifted myself this gorgeous BFL fiber in the color “Dahlia”. It is hand dyed from Gale’s Art, a local artist. I have bought Gale’s spinning fiber on numerous occasions and it never disappoints.

I split the fiber top in half. One half will be spin as is. The other half was further sub divided into thinner strips.

The spinning is going well. I am using my Louet Julia wheel with a WooLee Winder flyer.

The book, 1 Page at a time, was a Christmas gift from my sister. I like the idea of taking some time each day to answer a prompt from the book. It helps me clear my mind. It forces me be in the moment.