Stash: something stored

My stash was getting out of control! I had to put on my “Marie Kondo’s yoga pants” and organized it all the best I could.

How I keep an inventory of my stash?

Ravelry and My Library Things are the two tools I consistently use. An updated inventory system is key.

Yarns are accounted for in my Ravelry “Stash“. Each skein lists a number/location in my crafting room. The skeins are kept in labeled, clear plastic bags that are then stored in fabric buckets that I sewed myself . The XL buckets fit perfectly on the two bottom rows of my IKEA Kallax storage unit.

Patterns, either digital format or hard copies, are logged into my Ravelry “Library“. I also went way overboard cataloguing my books on the free and wonderful website My Library Thing. The books are stored following My Library Thing’s catalog.

PS: I have limited experience with my lovely sewing machine and still had success following this free pattern/tutorial.

PS no.2: Photograph here is a section of my stash [ modesty first :-)! ]

What’s next? How will I plan for a new project?

I will try to go to “My Library” when looking for the next cast on. My Ravelry “Queue” will include projects that intend to knit in the near future. Those projects will be matched with stashed yarn.

What is it that I am trying to accomplish? What will success looks like?

In 2023, I look forward to continue enjoying my craft using what I have in stash. Success will be refraining from buying yarn that I would not immediately use. Success will also mean letting go the thought that special yarn must be saved forever until I find the absolute perfect project for it.

Perhaps sharing my thoughts on stash management inspire another knitter out there! Drop me a line to send your encouragement, to knit along or make suggestions!