Shorties in a new to me yarn…

I noticed a new to me yarn, “Cotton Collage” by Premier Yarns, during a recent trip to a big box craft store. I probably had a magnificent excuse for being in the yarn section of said store.

Two details immediately caught my attention: affordability and fiber blend.

I bought a skein of 246 yards (225 meters) for $3.50 USD on sale. Regular price is $4.99 USD. The blend is: 46% cotton, 33% super wash merino wool, 12% polyamide and 9% PBT which stands for “Polybutylene terephthalate”. This engineered material helps with the elasticity of the yarn. Read more: here.

With the help of a stitch dictionary, I came up with my own “sock recipe”. Pattern considerations: it had to be shorties and needed some structure given the yarn composition. Knitted on US size 1 (2.25 mm), I was able to finished a pair of socks and have leftover for a third sock. Two skeins for approximately $10 USD (before taxes) gets three pairs of hand knit shorties in a 79% “natural” material. Not too bad, ha?

The yarn has high twist and it feels nice to knit with, in my opinion. The downside is the limited selection of only five colors. I guess one could over-dye and hope for a happy accident.

PS: I took notes of my sock “recipe” and will share here for free, of course, in the near future!


Handspun Socks

I have to confess that I had never worn any hand knit socks despite owing at least ten pairs. It had been against my nature to use something “treasured”. I am working on changing those feelings. I do not want to be attached to objects. What I really want to treasure is the craftiness and experiences creating the objects.

The simple pattern is “Socks 101” from the book “Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together” by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown. I bought a second hand copy for almost nothing.

I divided 100 grams of the handspun Targhee in half and knit with two strands on size US eight needles. The socks turn out to be rustic, comfy and a perfect fit. They make me happy!


Ravelry project page

Larissa Brown’s website

Rose City Rollers No. 1

My first pair of Rose City Rollers will not be the last! I love how they look and fit.

Reasons to love the Rose City Rollers pattern: 

  • Pattern is free. Ravelry link.
  • Socks are quick to knit and easily adaptable.
  • Instructions are best in class and include step by step to complete two different toe shaping.

Project Details

Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX in Cameo colorway

Needles: US size 3

Size/Toe: Small / RoundRound


I am the proud mama of twin…socks! They are fraternal. It wasn’t planned. Is what happens when one buy too much yarn. But, who am I to judge?

The first pair was knit with Regia 4 ply in color 7200 Moewe.

The yarn for the second pair is Opal. Unfortunately I cannot find the ball band to list the color here 😦

Both pair of socks softened when blocked. They fit wonderfully! I guess one cannot go wrong with either Regia or Opal – both workhorse yarns with fun (similar) colors.

Sometimes it takes longer than expected

These socks should have debuted here a couple of weeks ago. I took my time finishing them.

I love my socks, wrinkles included. Yarns & pattern can be found at my project page: here

I also finished plying the last four ounces of a deep stash Merino fiber. The three ply yarn is super soft and spongy. I suffered a “laziness attack” that prevented me to count the yardage. My not at all expert assessment says that I have enough for a shawl

Working on goals…believe it or not

I want to knit three pairs of socks this year. Progress is slow but steady. 

Pair no.1 is  “Vanilla Lattes” in reliable Patons Kroy Socks yarn (75% SW wool, %25 nylon). At $2 per skein, on clearance, I can almost ignore how boring the color is. Ravelry project page here.

I am now looking for the plainest vanilla socks pattern for socks no. two. Can’t wait to use my vibrant Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock Multi in Black Purl.

FO: Tutti Frutti Socks

What??? A second pair of socks. Are you proud of me or what? Who ever said sock knitting is addictive was right. I have no plans to become a master sock knitter a la Andi. But, I see simple socks in my future.

I followed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s “Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks” and ended up with a pair of socks. Clever!

The important stuff:

  • Pattern: Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks
  • Yarn: Meilenweit 100 Trend (discontinued)
  • Bare feet model: my three year old daughter
  • Happiness level: orange (a.k.a very high)
  • Project page: here
I’m linking in with Tamis Amis FO’s...enjoy one more Friday!